Followed riders on map

(Tom Schultz [Krt]) #1

It would be great if we could always see our followed riders on the Zwift companion map (not just when they are “near” us). Often I know a friend is riding in Watopia, but I have no idea where… If I knew where they were, I could more easily meet up with them for a impromptu group ride.

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #2

Won’t the “Ride with…” feature help here?

(Tom Schultz [Krt]) #3

Only if you are just beginning your ride.For example, I’d like the ability to be 30 min into my ride on the volcano and see that a friend is descending from the epic KOM, that way I can try and meet him in the undersea tunnels.

(Vincent W.) #4

Thank you for the request! There may be changes in the near future…

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #5

Ah, good point. “Meet you outside Hank’s in 5” would work too. :smiley:

(Sige Goevaerts Race Wbr) #6

Why not allow a “highlight” or special “tag” for riders you want to pay close attention too? I sometimes lose even myself in a group ride, leave alone I am aware of the position of my friends within the pack …

(Steve Ellis) #7

Third-party apps ZwiftGPS and PC & Mac app ZwiftMap have already done this. It would be nice to have that functionality built into Zwift on all platforms.