Followed riders on map

It would be great if we could always see our followed riders on the Zwift companion map (not just when they are “near” us). Often I know a friend is riding in Watopia, but I have no idea where… If I knew where they were, I could more easily meet up with them for a impromptu group ride.

Won’t the “Ride with…” feature help here?

Only if you are just beginning your ride.For example, I’d like the ability to be 30 min into my ride on the volcano and see that a friend is descending from the epic KOM, that way I can try and meet him in the undersea tunnels.

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Thank you for the request! There may be changes in the near future…

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Ah, good point. “Meet you outside Hank’s in 5” would work too. :smiley:

Why not allow a “highlight” or special “tag” for riders you want to pay close attention too? I sometimes lose even myself in a group ride, leave alone I am aware of the position of my friends within the pack …

Third-party apps ZwiftGPS and PC & Mac app ZwiftMap have already done this. It would be nice to have that functionality built into Zwift on all platforms.