Focus on friends names in the game world

I ride with friends, and there’s 20.000 people riding watopia when i am, i would like a little toggle in the menu to let me “tune out” the nameplates of other riders or to make the game show my friends more clearly.
Possibly an aura around the name plate or just give the other names 50% opacity?

You can filter the Nearby Zwifters list on the companion app so that it only shows Zwifters you follow.

That’s all well and good, but it’s not what i want.
I want to see them clearly in game, so i DON’T have to look at the companion app to see if they are in front or behind.
But thanks, maby that will let me see them further away on the companion app map?

Sadly, the chance of getting what you want is virtually nil. The companion app at least offers a way to find the people you’re riding with.

Another option is ZwiftGPS.