Rookie issues :/


I recently joined the community. My cousin did the same thing, we are following each other through the Companion App, but when I go do the desktop app, he doesn’t show as my number 1 in the “find other zwifters”. Any idea what to do? We are currently with the free trial**


Hi @David_Mora1, welcome to the forums!

Can you tell me a little more about the issue, when you say you are looking for your cousin on the app are you referring to the companion app on your smartphone or on the game app. Also, what devices are you using for both the game and the companion app?

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We added each other using the Companion App with our iphones. I’m following him and he is following me. Now, when I go to the game app, I don’t see him as my first option in the section called “find more zwifters”. I do see a bunch of names, but I read that if you have people following me or I follow others, they should be as first names in that specific list.

I hope this makes sense.


I think you will only see their name if they are using the Zwift app (not Companion) at the same time as you, and you are also looking at the same world in which they are riding. There are three worlds available on any given day (at the present time), so you may have to toggle between them until you see your cousin’s name.

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We tried them all :confused:

I saw some youtube videos where people do see their friends on top of that section, but mines are not showing.

You should see all of your followers who are currently zwifting in the list on the route selection screen in blue (see below). Can you post a screen shot when you are both online?

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Hello, I will add one later today with both online at the same time.

One more thing,

you need to follow your friends to see them in the list,

If you go to the companion app, Click top left , then click on your profile pic, then Following.

Make sure your friends that you what to see riding has a orange badge.

Here you will see my screen, William’s screen and how he also have me added. Not sure what to do…we even changed worlds and routes. We do see same Jay Jay name, but not us.

Question for the more learned on this forum (Gerrie, et. al.): Does the first person have to be actually IN the game and riding (i.e. past the screens that David is showing above) before they would show up on the ‘riders to join’ list?

David: As an alternative to trying to ‘find’ each other in the game, one of you could set up a ‘Meet Up’ ride for a specific route and time and invite the other. That way you should both be able to start up a ride at the same time and place.

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Hey Nigel,

I would try that option today, but not sure why others seem to always get their followers on top of that list and I’m not getting the same after completing all steps.

I also sent the question to customer service and will share it here.


We also were online at the same time, that is why we were able to see the same names, but not ourselves.

one of you needs to be riding, not both on the route selection screen. Zwift wont let you ride with someone if they aren’t already riding. @Nigel_Tufnel is correct I think.

We haven’t tried that…that makes sense, I hope that is it! Will update later today.

One more thing, I dont use this function very often so it may have changed, but you might find that you wont turn the same direction when coming up on an intersection. Make sure you pay attention to which way the other is going by looking for the arrow turn signals when behind each other.


You don’t need me you got this all sorted out. :slight_smile:

One of you need to be riding and has to be moving, so you can’t sit and wait., but not in a event.

The Zwift Game is not very good for finding and managing your friends and followers.
They are not listed alphabetically and your friends will show up at the top of the list only if they are currently riding.
The list, in game, will show your current friends that are currently riding , at the top then all the other riders will show up in order of distance from your current location.

The companion app is the tool that allows you to manage you friend list. You can also search for friends by name.

The 2 lists ,game list and companion app, are not the same.