Cannot add friends in companion app

Really hoping someone here has the answer to this, it’s driving me mad!

I’ve previously been able to add friends via the companion app (Android, Galaxy Note 9) but now I cannot seem to be able to do it at all.

When I find someone I want to follow, I visit their profile, press the ‘+’ button top right of the screen, and nothing happens. The button is highlighted very briefly, but nothing happens.

I’ve also tried on my wife’s iPhone with exactly the same result. I’ve tried logging out and back in, uninstalling the app, everything I can think of without luck!

Is there any other way to add friends in Zwift? I’m missing out on my coach’s group rides as he can’t invite me without me following him, and I’m also in training for a double vEveresting but again, can’t join the person I’m doing it with as I can’t follow him.

I raised a ticket with Zwift support on Monday morning, but no answer yet (I guess they are pretty busy right now).

Any help is very much appreciated!


What do you have your age or birthday set at? Recent update locked in gender and age, wondering if you are too young now and child protective measures are taking over?

Edit: never mind you are showing up as 31 yrs old, but I was able to follow you, and then also unfollow. Does this only happen with your coaches profile, can you follow others?

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Thanks for checking Mike; weirdly I did recently (2 weeks ago) change my birth date as it was 10 years too old for some reason. I wonder if that has something to do with it!

No I can’t follow anyone - I’ve tried people I know and random other users to no avail

How many people are you following @A_Hill? I believe Zwift have implemented a limit of 5000 people that one person can follow. This is preventing me from following more people (I also have thousands of followers), but I am yet to get a response from Support to confirm.

I can’t add people on companion can anyone help