See friends on the map


At the moment when we do a race or a group ride, we gather some friends and try to ride the same event. Like the zwift tour… for the moment.

It would be great that I could see on the map where my friends are located, they could have a blue arrow or something like that. Now we are always sending each other messages of the position where we are or the distance.

a little bit like the beacons but maybe with a feature on or off if you want your friends to see you’re position.

So we can wait and ride more together or give extra speed if you want to beat a friend :slight_smile:


The so-called “mini-map” (Win-PC) AND the Zwift Companion App (ZCA) does show the Zwifters that you follow with an orange dot, (or with a star, if they are a “favorite” - but only on the PC - NOT on the ZCA). Difficult to see - but remember there are three zoom levels on the mini-map and multiple zoom levels on the ZCA.

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Thx, I’ll try to figure it out next time we ride.

I’m not sure but the last zwift tour(3) I thought everybody was in red so if it’s red an orange than it’s maybe to hard to see.

but we will mark each others as favorites

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Yesterday i only saw my friend on the companion app. on PC nothing.

It was zwift tour 4 .

on your minimap on PC the riders are in blue, during zwift tour 4 (and 3) it was red so maybe there is a difference.

Yes. I see a red dot on the PC-based mini-map when someone with whom I have a connection is in the vicinity. Worse still, there is no way of knowing WHO that someone is!

Edit: upon closer inspection, I see a “ZHQ rebel” in the Zwifters Nearby panel… which might explain why there is a red dot present. IDK. Earlier in the same ride, I saw a different ZHQ rebel pass by me at a high rate of speed, but displaying 0.0W/kg power, and did not observe a similar red dot. But my statement still holds : the PC interface does not allow one to ascertain the identity of a red dot - or any dot for that matter…

The person on the Zwifters Nearby list under the ZHQ Rebel is the red dot, …[WTRL] [BRACM55A… has the symbol next to them signaling you follow them. image

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I will take some pictures during stage 5 of watopia tour.
because it looks different than all the screenshots that are included already. In the zwift tour everybody is a red dot.

@Wes_Free => So you agree that zwift could make it better to show you’re friends/favorites better on the map on PC.
For the companion app that was cool, i saw the portret of my friend on the map even though he was 1 minute behind. i could scroll the map to his position…

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I do agree… I would like to have an option to be able to know if there are any Zwifters I follow on a given course/event simultaneously - on both the ZCA AND the PC. And the image I included above WAS from the Tour of Watopia Stage 4, but it was taken just after the banner, when the dots turned blue again. So YES, you’re quite right. Picking out an orange dot or slightly larger red dot from amongst on the tiny, aptly-named “mini-map” red dots is NOT ideal. In the “A” category TOW, the dots are red (associated with A rides - just as Anquetil is a RED ghost); in the B category TOW, the rider indicator dots are green (just as B. Brevet is a Green Ghost), making it far simpler to resolve the contrasting colors. But there is still no ready way of associating the dot with a name, unless they are within a few meters proximity.

A similar observation is made about the difficulty in picking out the blue C category Pace Partner on-screen from amongst the blue dots and blue ride-on thumb-storms. I have disabled the thumbs from falling in order to ameliorate this problem a little, but it is a technical work-around - not a setting.