Feature Request - Map with Followed Riders Shown

(Edz Lamy) #1

 Looking for a hot key that would bring up the location map (Watopia, Richmond, London) and on the map would be blue dots that indicate riders that you follow in real time. If you scroll over or click on the blue dot it will provide information about who the rider is, their current speed and if they are doing a workout, free ride or race. This would be ideal in assisting you in knowing where your friends are and the quickest route to take to meet up with them.

(Gerrie Delport) #2

If you want a third party program that does almost all that you want head over to https://zwifthacks.com/zwiftmap-macos-and-windows/

You can also look at http://www.zwiftgps.com/



(Edz Lamy) #3


(Mark Hewitt) #4

http://www.zwiftgps.com/ does exactly this, and it works really well.

A screencap of the upcoming new version of the mobile app suggests that will also have this feature.

(Tyler Shannon) #5



We are in the process of revamping some things, and ZML is one we are developing more. I would keep an eye out! :slight_smile: