"switchable" info panels (KOM/Riders nearby)

I believe this subject was discussed already, but let me repeat this again - it’d be great to be able to toggle on/off these info panels:

  1. KOM panel (on the left side) - I’m too old and weak rider without any chance (and ambition) to achieve any KOM or Segment record … thus I’m not interested in this kind of info at all. I’d prefer unobstructed view …

  2. Riders nearby (right side) - while mostly I like this panel and I use it to compare my effort with other riders nearby, today I’d prefer to switch it off. I did my first climb to Radio Tower and on the way back I just wanted to enjoy the view - the scenery is really great. And at this moment “riders nearby” panel bothered me a little bit. Moreover, on the way back (I mean riding downhill) I don’t see this panel and info there useful at all … thus the option to toggle it on/off via companion app would be heartily welcome.

I honestly believe it is not complicated task to add those options into Zwift and make old guy (me and maybe someone else) happy :slight_smile:

Yes, this would be great. I have no ambition to be KOM or set sprint records, so i don’t need to be 1/4 of the way into a climb and have a giant message pop up that someone has done the whole climb by now. Yes, I’m slow, thanks for rubbing it in!