Stopped or Paused -- can I some how get rid of this data info panel overlay?

(Percy Zahl) #1

If I stop or pause riding – can I some how get rid of this data info panel overlay what is always popping up automatically after a second with 0W or so? I tried all kind of keys, no luck.

Would be nice if only pausing to watch what is happening with no obstruction.

(Tim Corso) #2

I agree with Percy on this. It’s like the shutters have come down, and because you are not cycling you can’t enjoy the scene.

Also if you change the settings/pairing from the info/pause panel, then the OK button overlays the I’m done button. It is very easy to say OK and then accidentally click the I’m done button beneath. This is poor design and is pretty annoying if you’ve done a long ride.

(Casey Schumm [X]) #3

Agreed. I did the century group today and I did 2 laps before the group met. When I stopped to meet the group I couldn’t see the conversation or people starting unless I soft peddled to remove the pause screen. Just a simple esc press to drop the window would be great.

(Mark Duncombe) #4

try clicking on another riders name is the list of riders. you should then be able to perpetually view Zwift island from their point of view in spectator mode. You might need to do it before the stats screen comes up though.

(Casey Schumm [X]) #5

Good idea Mark. I will try that next time.

(Mark Duncombe) #6

Hi Casey, I cant remember exactly what I did but I was able to spectate any of the riders listed and it auto changes the view as well if you just want to look at th scenery

(Percy Zahl) #7

The only “spectator” view mode while not riding (0 W) works is right after logging in, once started moving I can not get this any more.

(Chris Freeman) #8

my issue with spectator view is I couldn’t get back to myself for a long time until my name popped back up finally in the rider list