Spectator Mode

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #1

I like the new menu flow that the who’s online comes up before everything else. I’d also like a “spectator” mode where I can watch others ride without sitting idle on the course. Basically I’d like to be able to click a riders name and see what they are doing without actually being placed on the course. Conversely, giving a rider a “privacy” button to prevent spectator viewing might be desirable in some cases, although I’ve never seen anything like that in a MMP online game before.

(Steve Paltzer) #2

I too like the idea of a spectator or guest login that would simply allow watching. I installed the Zwift software installed on two computers, and I would like to ride with one computer and record (screen capture) some of my ride with the other.

I was also thinking that a “quadcopter” point of view would be fun! It would allow for some crossover-marketing with quadcopter manufactures like DJI and camera manufactures like Garmin with their VIRB or GoPro with the Hero.

(Tony Hocking ZHR) #3

+1 to the Spectator mode - I actually think that would be very useful for people who are giving feedback on the Beta - as you can assess things on other peoples rides without sitting on the course idle. (I think people on the course idle is a bit of a demotivator in a funny way, not sure if anyone else agrees). It may also be useful for people to know when they are being watched - good training for people practising for the real thing, and might have interesting psychological effects (and not of the Angel Matos variety).

One feature I would really like is the ability to get back to spectator mode once I have paused a game - I can only do that currently by getting back on and riding, or cancelling and restarting…