Idea: Zwift Spectate

Ok throwing this idea out there to see what people think:

in game support for spectating races. you can load up zwift and click on a race that has spectating enabled. then as a spectator you can click through and watch who you want (be a friend of pro/elite rider) and enjoy the show.

also a little icon for the rider being spectated with # of watchers would be neat
^ or this in general as you can spectate riders in free ride and events etc


So pretty much the same as the already existing just watch feature

Make it easier to spectate races

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well obviously using the spectate feature, but integrate GUI support to make its use more user friendly and therefore popular, especially for races where you dont want to participate yourself. thats my main point is to give it makeup

like a zwift racing TV where the channels are the events going on

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yep, that pretty much lines exactly up with my thoughts. good thread

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