Log in as a spectator

Each time I ride I see more and more riders standing stll. They most probably do the same as I do when I want to show this great game to my friends and family: just log in and have a look. So I was thinking: Why not expand Zwift with a special log in as a spectator where you can watch the riders, read the latest articles on (pro)cycling, watch the latest cycling videos (GCN), and give supporting comments to the rider you know.
I reckon there are a lot of guys wanting the see pro’s going thru their training exercises and watch their numbers and cheer them on.
You can even expand your business model by making the log in as a spectator for free for the future and invite advertising. Or even organise a pro race!

This has been requested since Day 1 of the beta and it’s on the radar but a lower priority with all the other good things they are working on.

You can on the bkool app so i guess eventually you will be able to on this…