Make it easier to spectate races

Zwift is the epicenter of cycling eSports, with a large and passionate community of racers. Zwift should support this community by making it easier to spectate races.

To accomplish this, Zwift should make the following improvements to the “Just Watch” mode:

  • First, prioritize the rider list by your active friends. This would make it easier to find friends or teammates that are currently riding/racing.

  • Second, develop a UI that displays active races and group rides. This would allow the viewer to easily find and watch a race.

With these two changes, it would become significantly easier to spectate races. And as Cycling eSports continues to grow (it will), Zwift should consider allowing people to watch without first creating an account.

That would be realy cool. Put some TV-like graphics on the screen and toggle between the different camera angles that are already there. Would be a great advertisement for Zwift …


That would be great. Would love to know when my friends were getting to the end of a race so that I could connect and watch the finish.

Would really be awesome to have the feature added to the Companion App so that I could easily view at any time from my phone.


Great Idea! This improvement would be a great new feature allowing the Zwift community to watch and support fellow racers. Also allowing the potential to grow its eSports category at the same time.

I’ve found watching my friends racing is more entertaining than watching most professional races. I think most Zwift users would agree as well. You understand the suffering required, you see their data (power/HR), and can compare that to your own experience.

Making these easier to access will allow it to grow much more rapidly. It would be nice to view my friends as they are racing without having to start my own ride and try to either find them on the loop (impossible), or “ride with them” and try to click on them before your avatar is dropped.


Would love this too. Almost impossible to do an apple TV as you can’t click on riders. Why can’t we search for a rider to watch?


Broadcast tools for Nathan Guerra please.

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I have again contacted Zwift support and made this suggestion because I also want to be able to watch my friends race or even in a group ride. It is entertaining to watch and you can motivate them if necessary.
They say they have forwarded it to their developers department and that I should write down my ideas in the forum because if lots of people agree on an idea the development department would become aware of it.
Don’t know if that is true and if they read the forum a lot but that’s why I write it here again. Because obviously you guys had the same idea.