Viewing RACEs and RIDEs

With the growing interest for Zwifters to be able to WATCH events in which they are not personally participating, it would be great whether IN GAME RIDING or out of game just VIEWING if Zwift had an easy function to enable viewers to be able to see the members of ongoing ZEM events in action. In that way we could watch the events (maybe an exciting conclusion to a race) while either riding along ourselves on Zwift or even if we are just sitting on the sofa. I think that making it easy to view events would making viewership jump quite a bit as many events are not on Zwift on Board or Zwift Community Live. Also viewers may want to watch friends rather than those in focus on the streaming broadcasts. Thanks for considering that we can choose a ZEM Rider List to view as opposed to trying to find the needles in the haystack of sorting thru the entire active rider list. #zwiftΔriding #zwiftΔliving #zwiftΔviewing

I second this.  I’m a newbie and want to learn race routes by watching.  No way to get to start line and view race without entering race.

Yes - It could be done much better…

I agree: Able to follow a race instead of follow one single rider… see the start… jump to different riders in the same race ( and dont risk clicking on a runner or a rider riding an other direction :slight_smile:

It’s great with the placement of the rider you follow.