Swift Crashes after ride -- OSX El Capitan

I’ve only had two rides but after both,  I get the screen offering to upload to Strava and giving me my FTP number… I click ok and boom, crash… 

On the plus side, it actually does save the ride both to Swift and Strava… 

Just reporting a potential bug :slight_smile:

I get the same.

Does it beachball for a bit then goes back to the desktop? If so it isn’t crashing, a crash should invoke a crash report. I believe they have designed the app to quit upon saving (seems strange but I don’t think the programmers believed anyone would want to stay in the game upon uploading).

I get the same, I also get the beach ball and the crash report going to Apple, I get a lot of crashes during a ride also

I just got this crash and googled for this bug and cant believe this is a known Problem for nearly TWO YEARS. Really?!?

@Ben Brawn: I dont think it is intended behaviour because on my last ride, after I clicked “save & upload to strava”, I was asked if my newly calculated FTP should be saved. Before I was able to click yes, I was back on my Desktop and zwift was gone.