Zwift Crashes after Lets Go

Been running zwift since Jan 2020 and haven’t changed anything on my PC. Suddenly this week after not using zwift for a few weeks, it crashes every time, about 5-10 seconds after clicking ‘Lets Go’. I updated my graphics drivers for my GeForce GTX 960. Same crash. PC is about 5 years old, running Windows 10. I tried removing Zwift, deleting the folder it is installed, as well as the folder where data is stored (prefs file etc). This didn’t help. Same crash, except this time instead of seeing my prefs.xml, I see Prefs.Xml.Invalid. I’ve searched these forums and googled, and I see several topics with users having the same issue, but haven’t seen any of them given a resolution. Very frustrating bug. Trying to get it working for TDZ 2021 next week.

Can you install and run Zwift on your phone just as a test? That may help identify the issue but it sounds like a WiFi issue.
Oh, on the pairing screen can you see your trainer and HR monitor?

Thanks Bob. I’m on a PC with wired internet. I did try Zwift on my old laptop and it worked fine. But I’d rather get it working on my newer PC again.

Could it be a memory issue? Or something else running in the background?

Fixed! I downloaded Nvidia Experience and updated my Nvidia drivers. That seemed to do the trick.