Zwift crashes on startup every time

I’ve been having issues with Zwift crashing during my rides, but now the problem has gotten worse and I can’t even start it. As soon as I hit the “Let’s Go” button, Zwift just completely shuts down. This happens whether or not I’m connected to my trainer. I’m on Windows 11 and have ensured my graphics drivers are all current. I have followed the instructions to capture all the events from the last 24 hours but I cannot upload that file type to a post. Please help, I can’t ride indoors until I fix this!

Hi @Rob_Bois_CLS

Sounds like you’re crashing at launch, rather than once you get to the game’s home screen? Please contact one of my support colleagues for some one-on-one assistance. We’ll want to have you email us launcher logs and possibly Windows system crash logs. We don’t allow uploads of logs to this forum because text files present malware risks.

Before you do, though - please take a look through some of the known reasons for crashing at launch and see if they might apply to you.
Here’s how you locate your launcher logs and crash logs (within the past 24 hours).