Zwift not opening w10 laptop

following recent w10 and zwift updates zwift will not even open this evening. i have deleted temp files, cleared browsing history in MS Edge. un-installed zwift, reinstalled and still nothing. click on desktop short cut and get a quick icon in the hidden icon section. yes this is a laptop but normally it seems to work fine. recent updates have created this issue. any help out there?

Hi @adrian_Goodhand

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I’m looking at your server logs and I’m seeing what looks like the game crashes and an occasional successful log in. At what point does the crash happen?

  1. Before you click Let’s go
  2. While the pale blue launcher app screens are flipping through their sequence
  3. While you’re on to the Pairing Screen to connect your trainer?
  4. Once you see the home screen?

This support article shows a list of common reasons why either the Launcher app or the game app will crash. Might any of these apply to you?

Also: if you’re able to reach the game’s home screen - go to your Settings and disable Video Screnshots. It’s possible your graphics processor is unable to handle the graphics load that’s being asked of it, and disabling screenshots might resolve it.

If none of these help - please contact my Support colleagues so they can give you one-on-one help. Having you send Launcher app logs and game app logs might help root out what’s happening. Here’s how to locate your log files should you go this route.