Kaspersky Virus Protection - Won't allow Zwift Start

My Zwift program fails to start after every upgrade. This has happened for three consecutive program updates. It gets stuck in the opening slides and won’t go to the log-in screen. I’ve narrowed it down to my Kaspersky virus protection program, turned off, Zwift starts and runs as normal. I’ve added Zwift to the exclusions settings, but that still doesn’t allow Zwift to start, and it only starts once I disable Kaspersky. I can continue to do that, but I wonder if anyone else has encountered this issue. I’m running Zwift from a Windows 11 laptop. Prior to upgrades, the program has zero issues. I appreciate any advice or tips!

What did you add to the exclusions? Zwift.exe and ZwiftLauncher.exe?

Best bet is to do away with Kasperskey and just use windows defender


This used to happen to me after every update but all i did was terminate Zwift from the system tray and run it again. It would then load.

Doesn’t do it anymore. I did a full system restore of Windows & after the next update it was fine.

I wasn’t running any anti virus software when it was being problematic.

Thanks Team. On Facebook, I’m a member of the Zwift PC Masters group. As you have suggested, they universally agree to get rid of Kaspersky and rely on Windows Defender. So, that is gone and my Zwift opens as it should. I’ve been told that Windows Defender will also make me climb faster…!

Thanks for all the replies and solution to this frustrating issue!


To be honest Windows 10 looks after itself far better than previous versions. I regularly had to bail people out on Windows 7 after a virus of some sort.

Windows 10 killed that dead provided it’s kept updated.

Don’t invest money in shares in anti virus companies. :wink:

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I have used Kaspersky for years and never had a problem including with Zwift. I don’t trust MS and K is also great at blocking ads.