Zwift Game Launcher locking files

Unfortunately I have no control over the location of my laptop’s “My Documents” folder as it’s mapped by a system administrator (it’s a work laptop). The problem is that my “My Documents” is synchronised with OneDrive and the Game Launcher creates an exclusive lock on \Documents\Zwift\Logs\Launcher_log.txt preventing OneDrive from processing ANY of my work files (OneDrive journals changes so that if it encounters an error, nothing else in the queue gets processed until it’s resolved).

The Game Launcher should really be good citizen and not exclusively lock any files, only locking it temporarily while it’s writing (which is always a short and temporary state), or just not exclusively lock the file at all to allow other processes to read the file.

You can’t pause one drive? You need to be admin to do that?

I did have this problem before. Just simply quit the Zwift Launcher is the solution.

Once you quit it then OneDrive can sync the Launcher_log.txt file.

There are a few workarounds - I’m not being completely blocked by this. In fact, the solution is to (remember to) close the Zwift game launcher which unlocks the file and OneDrive can keep going. Frankly pausing and resuming OneDrive is more effort than closing the game launcher - and in fact stopping this from running automatically is probably the right way to go.

It’s just seems short sighted by today’s software standards that there’s no option to choose a log folder location or that the locking pattern the developers chose is overly aggressive.

As I say, I can work around it but wouldn’t it be nice that issues like this would make it back to the devs for some kind of continuous improvement in the product?