Zwift "Logs" Folder Incompatible with OneDrive Sync

I’m in the same boat. I get 90% of the way through my workout and then ZWIFT stops responding! My only option is to kill the task and lose my workout results. While looking for to culprit I came the same conclusion that’s its due to OneDrive trying to sync the Zwift logs. I wish MSFT would give us the granular ability to exclude specific folders from syncing to Onedrive but that’s just not in the cards. Like others have said, the Documents folder is NOT an application data folder. These needs to exist elsewhere such as %AppData%


Just found this as a search. Seriously Zwift. this is sloppy coding, and with Microsoft pushing Onedrive backup as the default now, this will be an issue that really needs to be fixed.

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Thought I’d share my workaround. Since I really don’t want to remove the sync, and it’s not too likely that Zwift will suddenly fix this, I came up with this. It will require an administrator command prompt, and you will have to create a batch file in notepad that you can put on your desktop. I am assuming you know how to do these things.

Step 1:
In the Administrator Command Prompt enter the following (change the password to something unique)
net user /add zwift “Your Password here”

Step 2:
Now open notepad and add the following into it.

runas /user:zwift /savecred “C:\Program Files (x86)\Zwift\ZwiftLauncher.exe”

Save the file to your desktop or somewhere else you will remember. You will HAVE TO save the file as a batch file. At the bottom of the save window, you need to select the “Save as type:” and choose “All files .
I named mine Zwift_start.bat

you can now just double click that file, the first time it will ask you for the password you used in step 1.

You will have to re-login to Zwift, but it should save all your credentials in the separate “zwift” user if you use the batch file to start it each time.


I just did a fresh install of my laptop, because I was so fed up of getting a Zwift session crash once a month and losing the ride. Turns out the fresh install did nothing. And having stumbled upon this thread I now know the issue! Thank you!

I’ll be honest, if they aren’t going to fix it, I’m just going to go elsewhere. I shouldn’t have to create workarounds for their bad coding. Anyone know if they have a fix in the pipeline?

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I tried similar workaround, but there’s a problem.

In any zwift update it requires Admin permisions for the user (so you have to create an admin User for Zwift into your system to avoid this).

Once you enter admin credentials to update it properly in you recently fresh Zwift user, it throws a write error as is saving some stuff in the AppSettings folder of the Admin that entered credentials.

Seriously Zwift, how has this not been fixed 2 years since the thread started - just one reply without reading the OP’s issue then just ghosting this problem rather than walking over to the coding team and saying “please can you just move the log location folder, thanks”. This isn’t okay, please fix it ASAP as OneDrive is working overtime trying to upload the logs every second while I’m on Zwift


Might be time to check out RGT…

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Ok, I see Zwift don’t care about this issue. I was on 14 days trial, clearly not going to subscribe as we have lot of alternatives.

So, Zwift doesn’t plan to change the way the software works on Windows with OneDrive… Sadly… I quote the Support Chat.

I understand, It’s not likely that Zwift will be changing the core programming of the way that we store and write the logs folder, so the only sollution there is to remove the Zwift logs folder from onedrives sync list.

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Perhaps it’s not seen as such an important issue to the majority of users to warrant it being rectified?

Zwift have given a reasonable response.

Given the small number of people calling for such a change it seems like the right decision.

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They never never should have taken the My Documents folder for storing these kind of details. Microsoft will probably never allow it in their app store, so they may need to reconsider their ignore-this policy.