Suddenly getting less than 10fps after update

Hi all first time on Zwift in a while, just got latest update and it seems game is no longer recognising my gtx970. Im getting less than 10fps. Can confirm card works on other applications. Also i have a xeon so its not integrated graphics.

Any solutions ?

My drivers are 2nd latest ones.

Stick a log file in Zwiftalizer to see what the game is doing. Otherwise, DDU your drivers.

Problem solved, bit of a random one and not really related to Zwift.

After a bit of faffing and testing i realised that my Cinebench R15 CPU score had gone from 990 to down to 400 odd. I had a hard think what on earth could have happened to do this…

I remembered i had run Malwarebytes a few times and realised it had deleted my “inspectre” patch that removes the meltdown and spectre patches. Reinstalled the above app and problem solved.

Forgot how much these two patches hammer old Xeon performance. Even though i have a E5 1650 (6c 12t) at 4.6Ghz!

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Good work. Most people focus on GPU but Zwift is very CPU bound in a lot of circumstances, including those that aren’t immediately apparent. On some motherboards I build with, performance is noticeably poorer until I update the BIOS - because the CPU isn’t performing as well as it should.

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