Graphics setting clarification

 I’ve had a quick search and found what I think is the answer but not a direct yes or no…


I have dabbled with Zwift but the computer I had to run it was really struggling to run it. New computer with plenty of processor and GPU capacity so I’m keen to give it a whirl again. 

I am using a HD tv for the output with 1080p as a max resolution. Zwift with the new pc has opened up resolutions up to 4K UHD. I think I am right in saying there is no point in me choosing any option above ‘high’ as the element that is selectable by the user is just the resolution? High now looks worlds apart from high on my last setup - with grass and flowers at the side of the road where previously it was just mushy green. The frame rate has also gone from very jumpy (especially in groups) to lovely and smooth. 


Zwift just sorts this all out for you in the background?



Correct. Zwift sets the graphics quality automatically based on your GPU brand and model. The only setting available to the user is resolution. 

Brilliant - thanks for the confirmation.

I am trying to update my old computer to get better graphics on my full HD TV screen. The goal is full HD resolution with ultra graphics quality at a frame rate well above 30 frames.

My PC has a AMD A4-5300 dual core CPU and 8gb RAM. Will I be able to reach the goal with an affordable graphics card like Nvidia GTX 960 2gb? Or will the CPU be a limiting factor?

I don’t want to by a GPU just to find out that I also need a new CPU, new Mainboard etc.

It would be in any case extremely helpful if you could publish the criteria for the different graphics settings that are automatically chosen.

Thanks a lot for your support!



Here is a site that could be very helpful to you:


Thanks Paul,

but I already checked that site. Unfortunately it does not contain any benchmarks with my (or a comparable) CPU. 

What I also don’t understand on this site: If the graphics quality depends soleyly on the GPU, why do Computers with the same GPU and the same resolution sometimes use a different graphics quality?


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