Ultra Resolution versus Ultra graphics

Can someone explain the difference between Ultra RESOLUTION and Ultra GRAPHICS and what that means to the Zwift experience?  Are these two different things?

Hi David,

I see the selection for Ultra Resolution, but I don’t see the one in the menus for Ultra Graphics.  Is that in the installation setup?  I don’t remember :)  My guess if I just missed the graphics setting is that resolution controls the resolution of the image i.e. 4840x2160 for 4K, 2560x1440 Ultra, and 1920x1080 for full HD, etc.

Ultra graphics would be the level of display detail; texture resolution of the bitmaps used to display buildings and scenery, number of trees displayed, number of buildings displayed, realistic shadows and lighting effects. complexity of the meshes used to build the landscape etc.

Ultra resolution is an option available on higher end graphics cards. It simply runs the game at a higher resolution than normal 1080p FULL HD.  

Ultra graphics is something not within the users control.  Simply put, different classes of graphics cards enable/disable different features in Zwift, and certain things are done at higher resolutions or with greater precision.  This is not something easily under the users control.  The difference is also small enough that typically nobody will notice or care.

Jon, I still don’t understand it.  When I think of resolution, I think of the number of pixels being put out: 720p, 1080p, etc.  Does this mean something different with Zwift or video cards?  I am not having any issues, I am just curious.  FYI, I am running 720p 'cause that’s the TV I have in the basement and it looks just fine to me

I have a nvidia 1080 card and a 65 inch curved OLED screen.  I can confirm that the ultra graphics are a negligible difference. Of course, when when I’m in the heat of a race, the quality shadows and particles is pretty far down on my list of concerns…

I will say a large TV is very nice, however, with Zwift…

I was looking for a. Windows tablet to run Zwift. The linx 10V64 works perfectly seamless graphics what a bargain.