5600 XT settings

Anyone have experience using the 5600 XT card? I have it installed (egpu + macbook pro from 2015) and have somewhat limited options from zwift. It runs with ‘high’ profile. I changed the resolution and shadow resolution (res 1920x1080 sres 2048x2048) and run at 1440 ‘ultra’ resolution from the in game prefs. But no 4k option. My CPU is 70% idle and the GPU is 25-30% idle and I’m getting average of 76FPS. Feels like the options for it should be bumped up by zwift HQ. Am I crazy? Thoughts? Opinions?

Zwift have to add Ultra support with full resolution options for each GPU manually. It took a year after launch for them to add the GTX 1650. All you can do is keep spamming this forum asking for them to add it.

I suppose that makes sense somehow…(though why not let uses just set it to whatever is acceptable to them?) I’m happy to provide any benchmark numbers for the card if that helps.

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A GTX 1050 has Ultra, you don’t need to worry about whether your card can handle it. It’s just a manual process, that’s all. The game has to recognise the GPU model or it defaults to something lower.

Maybe I should binary and find a reference to a recognized card with the same number of characters and put mine in and see what happens, lol.

Hey Zwift, any chance of getting some better setting options for this card? Or you know, just letting people pick from all options? You could have some kind of ‘restore to default for your card’ if you are super into doing everything by card and giving people a fail safe.