Graphical problems

Zwiftaliser tells me im runing basic profile in 1080p on my 5500xt.
how can I fix this ?

Have a read of this thread: AMD RX5500XT in basic profile?

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Dude in thread asked why is the gpu not high or ultra profile.
Im asking why does the resolution look like 480x320 and look at those artifacts.
Have you opened the pictures in fullscreen that I posted ?

The reason why is in that thread. Zwift automatically assigns a graphics profile based on your graphics card. The RX 5500 XT currently gets Basic, because Zwift haven’t yet added it to their list of cards that are capable of more than that. There’s nothing you can do but wait.

The artefacting looks like an error, but since they’ve not accounted for the card yet (since you’re getting Basic), that’s probably why it’s happening.

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I know that already.
I have a low powered laptop that also runs zwift in basic setings 1080p and it looks 1000 times better than on my desktop.

It seems to me I have a weird bug that renders the game in 480p while the menu, zwift shop and everything else is in 1080p.

Look how the icons and map are crisp and the in game rendering is potato tier.
I have deleted every zwift folder and reinstaled the game but nothing helps