Graphics corrupt

My previously working laptop now has very low level graphics when riding. Strangely the setup and welcome screens are fine. Seems to be only when rendering the riding. Something to do with the latest update?

Hard to say without knowing the specs of your laptop and any other details:

Absolutely. In my case on one machine (windows 7) I get flickering black boxes all over the rendered world making it visually worthless (except all the areas like power along the top of the screen and riders near by which shows just fine.) My other (windows 10) machine doesn’t even show me that much as I just get a white screen world.

True. And while old it worked fine previously. I5. 8gb ram. Ati Radeon mobility Is 5650 and Ssd Hdd. Just wondered if zwift had changed something. It doesn’t matter what level I change the zwift graphics to either.

Same here, since the last update my two (oldish) PCs can now no longer handle the graphics in zwift.

A lot of people on here complaining about previously woriking set ups no longer working after the last update. no fix sadly.

Tried the old launcher I sent you? That’s not to say it’ll resolve graphics stuff.

yeah, thanks for sending it, although not sure i did it right, ii think it reverted back to the new one after i installed it.

Was going to have another go later

Just run the older file version, that’s it. New one is only included to save having to download it again.

As I say, not sure it’ll change anything for you but it’s resolved my issue with stutter.

Hi Dave,

I didn’t get the old launcher mail. Please resend.