Riders Stuttering Back and Forth in Pacer Rides; Large Groups [November 2022]

Anyone else experiencing this issue on AppleTV? It seems to have been introduced when the Urukazi routes were released. I ride with D. Bernie pace partner a lot (always in the default 3rd person view) and the experience has always been great. However, in the last few pace partner rides I’ve done, I’ve noticed really bad graphical stuttering of the rider avatars (including your own). The background scenery doesn’t seem to be affected. It’s just the rider avatars that seem to stutter.

I experimented this morning and switched to 1st person view and everything is smooth again, but it freaks me out when occasionally your cycling through the inside of another rider and see a giant face like the inside of a mask on the screen lol.

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The scenery is rendered purely by your own system, but decent internet connectivity ir required for calculating the positions of other riders in your screen.

So it might be an issue to do with your wifi/internet.

Cheers Steve. My wifi/internet hasn’t changed for over 2 years and it’s Sky UltraFast Fibre connection with average 500mb/s download speeds. As I mentioned in the post. It’s been flawless and a joy to use since I started Zwifting just over a year ago. This issue has only appeared since the Urukazi routes were released.

there are many reports of crashes in Neokyo on Apple TV, and the recent update did something to the overall performance of Makuri. Systems that were getting way over 60fps are now being throttled back to under 60fps, and this is on very capable gaming rigs. Apple TV just isn’t very powerful so I suspect that is the cause of this as well. Lots of issues with the latest update.

No-one else has raised stuttering on Apple TV though, Mike. Just the screenshot crashing issue across Apple products. So I’m somewhat sceptical.

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Quite possible Mike. The AppleTV is probably only running at about 30fps (I’m a gamer so know the difference between 30 and 60). Thing is… It’s been running fine with no stuttering on my AppleTV at 30fps for over a year. Definitely something is impacting performance in the latest release.

Tomorrow I’ll try a pace partner ride in Watopia to see if that is affected too. You may be onto something regarding simply Makuri, as this is where I’ve seen the issue.

I hear what you’re saying, Colin, and it could be to do with the update. But the update has been around for a couple of weeks now and I’m not aware of anyone else raising stuttering issues (only screenshot-related crashes).

So I’m suspicious of your internet/wifi. Might be a coincidence that it’s started happening along with the Urukazi update, and issues like that can strike at any time if it’s to do with your local connection or some sort of wireless interference.

This is all guesswork of course, but based on what’s looking more or less likely. Of course the “less likely” things can still happen sometimes.

The Apple TV doesn’t have local log files that are accessible, as you know. But Zwift do have access to server-side log files, so you could open a ticket with them and ask if there’s anything they can see from their side.

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Ok, you guys got me curious so I done a test there just now. I booted up Zwift and started a pace partner ride with D. Bernie n Watopia (just to see if the issue was there too)… and it is. I recorded a short video of it (turns out I can’t upload video files to here though) :disappointed:

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Interesting, as @Steve_Hammatt mentioned there hasn’t been any reports of stuttering like you are experiencing, so it could be a localized issue with your particular setup? Do you force close the Zwift app on the Apple TV after each use? That seems to clear up a lot of issues and should be your standard process every time you finish a ride.

You can upload a video to YouTube and set it as unlisted, then post the link here.

I have not had any sort of stuttering issues on Zwift, in Makuri or anywhere else, on ATV. I am a bit curious about the Sky comment, though, as others have mentioned issues with their hardware, especially mesh systems. Might nit be in play in this situation, but worth a look.

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I don’t usually force close the app, but I have tried that too and also a full reboot of the AppleTV and Broadband router… Still the same

I’m not running a mesh setup. Just a straightforward Sky broadband router/wifi box.

Hopefully this works if you remove the spaces… https: //youtube .com/shorts/HDl9l6Z-qYI

I have experienced the exact same thing in the same camera view on ATV. My ATV is hardwired into my router and has also performed flawlessly for 18 months or so with Zwift, Fulgaz, and RGT.

Here is a clickable version of the link: Zwift Pace Partner Ride (Video Stutter) - YouTube

That is definitely odd. Doesn’t seem to be related to the frame rate of the Apple TV as the riders are moving around smoothly, they just seem to be jittering…

Interesting video. That does seem strange. I don’t think thst looks like a wifi/internet issue.

Which model of ATV is it?

Does to me (not necessarily at OP’s end). The game appears to be running normally if you look at the background moving past, it’s the riders which are jumping about erratically. Suggesting the location data isn’t coming through right for whatever reason.

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I have the ATV 4K - 64 (last year’s model)

I tbought the movements in the riders looked too small to be location (network issues). But that was more thinking about where their location is way off. I guess if their location data is being interrupted it could make them stutter like that.