Riders Stuttering Back and Forth in Pacer Rides; Large Groups [November 2022]

Yeah it’s weird. As I mentioned earlier, if I switch to 1st person view, the experience is back to normal, i.e. no rider stutter. I’m not an expert, but would this mean that the rider location data is in fact fine? I mean they are being rendered on screen in 1st person view perfectly, its just 3rd person view that’s got the issue. I would have imagined that the rider location data would be the same regardless of viewpoint?

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I have 2021 4K - 32Gb model (updated to latest TVOS yesterday - whatever that is)

Yes, it can’t be a network issue. It’s something going on with the AppleTV itself. But no-one else has raised this yet. It’s a strange one.

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Yeah strange one. I done some more testing this morning:

  1. Uninstalled Zwift completely from AppleTV (kept subscription)
  2. Re-started AppleTV
  3. Downloaded and installed Zwift from App Store
  4. Logged back in and started a pace partner ride with Bernie

The stuttering issue is still there on default viewing angle 1. But if I switch to any other viewing angle, the issue is gone I’ve captured another video showing no stutter in viewing angle 2. This issue is definitely something to do with the viewing angle 1 on pace partner rides (for me at least)

https: //youtube .com/shorts/hKx_UUrQ35M

Need to remove the spaces again… Sorry I have no idea how to insert a URL here as it won’t allow me to.

yeah, i agree and if you look at the riders further forward they’re fine it is just the ones near you that are doing it.

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I have the same generation (2nd?) AppleTV 4K and I’m also experiencing this same stuttering as you described. Seems more common on Makuri while riding with RoboPacer and the stuttering occurs after about 15 minutes and continues for the remainder of an hour every 30 seconds or so. Stuttering issue seems to have appeared with last update (1.31?). Very annoying…

Post edit; After watching your YouTube video, the stuttering I’m experiencing is more like an extreme drop in frame rate (from 30fps to ~10fps or worse). Lasts about 10 seconds, then returns to 30fps for 30 seconds, then repeat.

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Yeah that sounds different Frank. My issue is more of a constant micro-stutter which is quite annoying as it’s there for the entire ride and its sort of a strobe effect. I don’t get it on normal free rides. It’s just pace partner rides. try switching to a different viewing angle and see if that helps. I can verify that the stuttering I’m experiencing is only there on the default viewing angle 1.

Hopefully Zwift get it sorted in an update. I’m so used to riding with viewing angle 1 that any others just don’t seem “right” lol

The game has a ton of problems on the latest update, add this one to the list.

I’ll probably regret posting this but it’s always something of a relief to hear when there are issues on other platforms; obviously it’s not a good thing but this is why I usually can’t resist arguing when people say Zwift is ‘flawless’ or ‘just works’ on their setup - including Apple TV. All platforms are flawless until they’re not. The game working properly without crashing and breaking isn’t anything to be proud of, it’s a premium subscription service.

Irrespective of how much value people place on graphics, smoothness and details, it’s a fact that the visual 3D experience is literally why Zwift exists. It’s what separates and distinguishes this game from just watching lines on a graph move up and down. Anything that impacts and damages the visual experience should be investigated and corrected ASAP. Stuff like this simply shouldn’t get past basic testing in the first place, there’s no excuse.


I tried changing camera views today in Makuri to first-person perspective and I still experienced the same frate-rate drop. It does seem to be worse in downtown Makuri, so I’m guessing that the AppleTV is struggling with more detailed environments. What’s weird is that this was not an issue prior to the 1.31 update.

Did a workout run on zwift this morning. Upon completion I switched to ride and entered late (by 2 minutes) on a group ride in Makuri. I immediately noticed my avatar stuttering badly (default view). Switched camera views and stuttering was not present in all but the default view. I have been riding in Makuri all week and have not had this problem until today.

Zwift is running on a gaming PC with dedicated GPU with great FR and hardwired internet connection. All s/w is up to date.

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I have been having the same issue with viewing angle one on my high end gaming PC. If I switch too any other camera angle it disappears.

Same problem on my gaming PC set up with pace partners and camera angle 1

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Over an hour w/Coco in Makuri, first time w/a bot since the latest update (was out of town for a long while). Anyway, I didn’t seen any stutter.

Ok, but this thread is specifically about Apple TV. PC issues should be in a different thread, e.g. one of the ones about bad performance and crashes in the current release.

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Is it? Seems to me the greater issue is graphical instability across platforms, which would suggest the Apple TV is not the problem.

Yes and no.

There’s no point unnecessarily conflating issues. It’s extremely rare for Apple TV to be seeming to be struggling to cope due to its relatively low frame rated and detail. But it’s happening here.

There’s certainly a crashing issue across Apple products with this release, which has its own thread.

There are also PC performance and crashing issues which have their own threads.

Look about your initial post and you’ll see this thread was all about Apple TV issues until you brought in a PC issue. I don’t think this is terribly helpful, sorry.

Same issues, albeit not on Apple TV, but on PC

See videos published on the Zwift PC Masters and Riders group:

Stutters in peloton, started after Uruk update.


I’m having the same issue with stuttering graphics since the Uruk update:
Look at the riders at the bottom coming up. Shaking. This is the least I’ve seen it. Most often it’s way worse. Incredibly annoying.

Two videos:

Looks like you are on a Mac? Please let us know the specs of your system.