Flickering avatar [1.16.x] [AppleTV, iOS]

Its very strange. Just did ZA recovery ride on Sand&Sequoias, over 200 riders with no glitching. Maybe its been fixed ?

This isn’t fixed in 1.17.0 - rode the CryoGen TGR earlier today and had experienced the same behavior. What is kind of interesting is I rode the entire 60 minutes with the group, but my recorded ride time was 54 minutes. My distance was also 1 mile less than the other participants.

After the group ride, I did solo and pace partner rides with zero issues.

Same issue here in the Cryo-Gen Ride. I posted about this 2 weeks ago as well. The Tuesday ride this week was good, no issues at all, but this morning was unbearable. I quit the ride and did a training session with no issues.

Ok so I did the Team Vegan Mixed Salad group ride today to see if the flickering is still there. It still is flickering horribly just in this event, frustrating! Had to leave and let another teammate lead the group. I hope this gets fixed very soon, I lead for this ride frequently and I can’t do my job if there’s unbearable flickering.

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I did the Cryo-Gen ride Tuesday without issue, then this morning it was flickering again. I jumped over to the DIRTy Cylcling ride and there was no issue. This is getting old.

I am having trouble on all rides. I am using an iPhone. It just started suddenly about two weeks ago. Does anyone know if there is a fix?

Flickering Avatars here on ipad air 2 since last update… zwift team, fix it!!!

Same issue- this is a big problem in terms of losing the draft. World championship qualifies coming up and there is no point to even starting if this continues. Zwift please fix

Latest update 1.19 helped. No flickering issues. Thank you Zwift.

Had the same problem on an iPad Pro during a race tonight. Half way through in main bunch. Flickering starts and lose all draft ( almost looks like you are lurching back). I’ve had it happen about 4 times now. Very frustrating. Would be good to get a fix for it.

Recommend you update to latest version. That solved the problem for me.

Thanks James. Fingers crossed

I experienced a strange flickering of my avatar when I Zwifted with D. Diesel Dec. 27, 2021. There were a LOT of Zwifters riding, and my avatar was roughly in the middle of the bunch when the flickering began. I cannot help but wonder if the video graphics processing was simply overwhelmed by the number of riders bunched together in a tight space, but I have not seen this before. I run Zwift on the latest generation AppleTV updated to the as of now, current tvOS 15.2. And latest Zwift version for AppleTV.

i was riding in a very big pacer group, 12m or so infront of coco, default view, all the riders behind me , but in front of “camera “ were flickering badley, on my apple tv

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As everybody in this thread I have experienced the flickering issue since early fall, for me it seems to be all events where there is a problem - I have methodically been changing devices (ios, android, pc), network configs (wired, wifi, phone hotspot), resolutions, updating/reinstalling zwift etc. all points back to a Zwift issue. It is so bad that I have only used Zwift a handful of times the last couple of months because there is really no point. Yesterday I got temped to join a ride and yet again I experienced the problem from even before the event started, after 30 min fighting to stay in the blob I had to give up and fall back.

Zwift please help us…

See also here, issue does not seem to be fixed: Some avatars flickering in large bunch
Also reported here, since the introduction come around the September/October-release / Pack Dynamics 3.0 intro: Pack Dynamics 3.0 Update [October 2021] - #205 by Johannes_Hermes

I have the same issues in the 2 group rides this week. It seems to relate the a large blob of riders.