Flickering avatar [1.16.x] [AppleTV, iOS]

Its very strange. Just did ZA recovery ride on Sand&Sequoias, over 200 riders with no glitching. Maybe its been fixed ?

This isn’t fixed in 1.17.0 - rode the CryoGen TGR earlier today and had experienced the same behavior. What is kind of interesting is I rode the entire 60 minutes with the group, but my recorded ride time was 54 minutes. My distance was also 1 mile less than the other participants.

After the group ride, I did solo and pace partner rides with zero issues.

Same issue here in the Cryo-Gen Ride. I posted about this 2 weeks ago as well. The Tuesday ride this week was good, no issues at all, but this morning was unbearable. I quit the ride and did a training session with no issues.

Ok so I did the Team Vegan Mixed Salad group ride today to see if the flickering is still there. It still is flickering horribly just in this event, frustrating! Had to leave and let another teammate lead the group. I hope this gets fixed very soon, I lead for this ride frequently and I can’t do my job if there’s unbearable flickering.