Tour de Zwift Group Ride

I signed up for group ride and ride length “B”. for stage 1 of the tour de Zwift this morning. It showed 800 other riders but I could only see my avatar and no one else. It showed that I passed other riders and other riders passed me. Any help to see other riders would be appreciated. Pretty lonely ride.

Hi Mike,

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What system did you use to run zwift. It sound like a network issue, but the leader board usually don’t update with network issues.

I use my apple phone connected to my TV via a cable. When I rode the Tour of London I could see all of the other riders.

Hi @Mike_Battista

Other players going missing is typically an issue with your WiFi or a connection issue between your house and the ISP.

We have a guide for some things to try on our support hub. Would you give these a shot?

If those steps don’t clear up, we can use the more detailed information in the game’s log files on your iPhone to glean more information about what exactly happened during that session.

One measure you can take on your own is to upload that game log to to verify if there were issues with your WiFi or internet.

I haven’t seen any of the group rides yet. Only the races by category for London and Innsbruck. How do you find the groups on companion app? I’ve done the races and they are full on!

Hi Marcus,

Stage 1 group-rides is over until the make-up week.

But here is the next group ride I could find. 1.5hours from now.

Thanks Gerrie, the rides are not appearing for me. What filters do you have selected? I have:
D & E
Group Rides


It doesn’t appear that there are any D or E categories (at least for the group rides) so you might want to remove that filter, at least.

Thanks - just tried that and there they are. I can’t carry on racing my legs off for the next 4 weeks. So might try a group instead - thanks all