Zwift Group Runs - where is everyone ?

As I have a treadmill next to my trainer I have tried on a few occasions to join in on a published group run.  The most recent was the GMT 10k wake up run yesterday morning (Sunday 8th).

I don’t know whether it is just my (bad) timing or a reflection of Zwift running in general but I either seem to be on my own on the start line or with a max. of one other person, who usually disappears once the run starts.

This isn’t a connection/Wi-Fi question as I can see plenty of cyclists on it.

Has anyone been on a group run with more than a couple of runners ?

Hi Graham. Yes I have. I did the run in the park on saturday 9am GMT. There were several people on the run. Maybe it’s still gaining momentum. I have only just joined zwift and for now I only use it for running. Maybe we need to spread the word…!