Meetup Staring Blocks Visual Bug

When joining a Meetup, each rider will see him or her self on the “ghost” trainer. All other riders avatars appear with both feet on their pedals like they’re doing an epic track stand (if actually pedaling their physical bike) or one foot on the ground (if not pedaling their physical bike).

Not sure if this is supposed to be the case but wanted to bring it up. Just an odd thing I noticed.


Hey Drew!

Thanks for that!

We appreciate our community reporting these things to us! :grin:

This is an issue that we are aware of and are diligently working on rectifying.

We hope this doesn’t detour people from using the meet-up feature!

Ride On!

No deterrent at all. Meetups are fantastic.

I was hoping it could help me learn the epic track stand, but it sounds like I’ll have to go fall over a bunch like everyone else. #clipless_trackstand #rideon