TDZ Stage 4 No Rider Positions

In the 6:00 am ET TDZ Stage 4 event this morning, no rider positions were shown during the ride and there was no rider finishing position shown at the completion of the ride. Many Zwifters were remarking on this during the ride, so it seems like it was at least a widespread issue if not a universal issue. I also don’t see this TDZ Stage 4 or the one two hours later in the results in zwiftpower, but do see TDZ Stage 4 events from later than that today.

same problem 5pm utc+1.

Zwift crew solve Your freaking problems, another stage which is ‘non-driveable’…

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Per their Facebook page, Zwift turned off the in game standings to resolve issues happening during earlier stages. It looks like they plan to leave it this way for the rest of the tour.

I wish they would figure out another solution. Even at the back of the pack, it’s fun to see live positions and results.


I dont understand your comment,

you say you had the same problem, witch mean you were able to ride but did not see rider positions…

but then you you say it was “non-driveable” which mean you could not ride?

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Did just realize I had the ET to UDT conversion wrong, so I do see the results in zwiftpower at least. It will be a bummer if the TDZ stages no longer show rider position in-game.

I agree - this was extremely disappointing. So much better when rider positions are shown and bugs didn’t bother majority of riders I’m sure. Would really like to see rider positions restored.


Same problem in 10 AM ET TDZ Stage 4. No way of knowing position during the ride no screen at finish with place finished at. I do see my results in Zwift Power

I suspect this is in response to complaints about discrepancies between the rider standings in the HUD as you cross the finish line and standings later when you review the activity. It was a bit discouraging for me to struggle through maintaining a position under 125/500+ in Stage 3 only to find later that my “official” place was 140 something. I’m ok with not knowing where I stand if it is subject to change later on.

Taking away all information about rider position doesn’t seem like the right solution to that problem. I’d rather have info that’s close to right than nothing. Now I can’t tell how much I’m relatively moving up or back in the pack nor generally where I stand. I hope this isn’t why Zwift decided to pull the info. I can definitely live with a bit of a discrepancy in what the HUD says as I cross the line and what the final Zwift finishing positions show if it means I get the in-game position info.


They’ve hosted much larger rides without this being a problem. Maybe it’s concurrent users across the whole platform, but that’s definitely a problem they’ll have to solve.

I mean, I know “Group rides” are not “races”, but realistically they are de facto races. I’d rather ride a race with 800 people than one with 50. Far more chance of me having people to ride with - I’ve done enough races where I’m on my own in no man’s land.


I agree that it is motivating to see your position in-game changing, as it provides immediate feedback regarding what effect your effort is having on your position. It definitely keeps you pushing harder longer than you would otherwise. I think I agree that I would choose the discouragement after the ride over loss of motivation during.


Agree. This is very disappointing for a company that keeps promising “great things” to be launched soon (i.e., Eric Min on Zwiftcast before the new year). Stop over-promising and run your game! I don’t know how they can expect to host e-racing if they can’t even handle placing of a 1000 people on on a ride.

Subscriber for 18 months now, and it’s just very disappointing. GET YOUR STUFF TOGETHER ZWIFT!


Just completed Stage 4 of the TDZ. For the first time, there was no place provided for the ride which makes finding a group or person to stay with extremely difficult. Any chance it can be reinstated for the rest of the tour. Thanks- Steve


I noticed that in the game and then after in the companion app.
What gives? Probably say it’s not a race

It was removed for the events as people such as myself were having Zwift crash.


I would like to see updated rider position during the ride as well. Otherwise it’s a fairly flat, uninteresting ride and would rather have spent the time riding on my own.


Just casting my vote FOR or PRO a leaderboard in these big fondo rides!
Found it very unmotivating, doing Stage 4 yesterday, without the leaderboard.
Even for weekend warriors like myself, it is very useful to be doing calculations in your head like “I want to stay in the top 300 for this ride” or “I’ve got 5km left, can I improve my placing and finish in the top 200 if I hammer all the way home”.
Plus… it’s now totally impossible to find a friend who is also doing the same stage and ride with him/her - because you can’t text him and say “I’m in spot 300, come get me”


Yes, but your final position is based on time and since there are other riders starting later (passing the starting line later…) it could be they have a faster time than you. It was never a bug, it is just like it is when it is about time based racing.

I hope this isn’t a thing. Is this how it works in real life? This means that the person who crosses the finish line first is not necessarily the “winner”. I can’t imagine how frustrating and discouraging it would be to cross the finish line first only to find that you lost the “race” to someone who crossed both the starting line and finish line behind you, but in a shorter interval of time.

And what of the people who don’t even cross the starting line? Late starters are dropped into the middle of the race based on some in-game calculation. How is their time calculated? Could they be stealing positions away from others who rode the full distance?

For example for cyclo’s it just works this way, the only exception is the first places in the men’s race.

It could be that in some races in Zwift it works different, but in stages and fondo’s it is time based positions.

How it works for late joiners I don’t care, I just look at my own efforts. But I am quite sure they will be ranked below me since they didn’t complete the whole distance.