No Placement results for TdZ stage 4!

Finished stage 4 (have done all of them thus far) and received no placement for it. I did receive a "congrats on finishing stage 4) email however. Even the app activity feed has no results (it has it for the stages). Strava has the section “volcano after party” data at 56:55. So what am I missing?

So many bigger fish to fry and yet per a Zwift employee, the leaderboard/results were disabled by Zwift due to “frustration/confusion” :thinking:

The full thread from which the above screenshot was grabbed can be found at Slowtwich: “THIS IS NOT A RACE”

Wtf? That is sooooooooo…i can add a few more oooooooo’s to that… LAME! Seriously. Zwift is about motivation to train and ride harder. Posting results for those who want to see it is just that. If ya don’t want to race, don’t look at that result… I am sure that this has been beaten to death on the "this is not race " forum link you posted…

I will say just this, as a cyclist, calling something a “Tour de…” makes it competitive and requires results and placements. Call it a Fun Ride of Zwift nxt time…


Meh … Please don’t expect me to believe this …

Placement/results feature was removed because it caused technical issues … my 2 cents. Imho, Zwift in current version suffers from handling such big events (thousand+ participants) and the placement was just (another) proof. Devs are unable to fix it now … either they are focused on different issues or the fix asks for some more serious changes (servers, network design … etc) … again just my 2 cents …

That’s why placement is not available. As nobody knows where he is in the peloton, there is no evidence something is wrong/weird, and we all can pretend everything is going fine.

I participated in TdZ - stage 1/Jungle. I’m a poor rider, no racer and have to admit I’m antisocial (a little bit). But I enjoyed that event - I watched my placement and I did my best to improve my position a little bit … Don’t get me wrong, I was 530 (as far as I can remember) from 800 riders. But I liked it - it was fun.

Now, without this motivational feature, I’d prefer to ride the same track alone … 30 mins sooner or later … just to avoid the event/crowded mess, as I really don’t see a reason. Why should I take a part in some huge event and not be able to “interact” with other folks? (sorry I don’t consider going literally through other riders/bodies as “interaction” :slight_smile: )






So if it’s “against the clock”, the game should report the time at the end. Yes, there is ZwiftPower and there is Strava. But if a Zwift event says it’s timed (which something against the clock clearly is), then that should be shown to people at the end, I’d say.

Heck, there’s event an explicit acknowledgement in there that some people will ride it as a race. Unless they’re at specific power ranges, group rides always have people racing in them. Even group rides at prescribed powers have people who ignore that and ride off the front.

So anyway, yeah, if Zwift elect not to show “race results”, they should stop saying an event is a “challenge against the clock” or similar.


I did the Fondo this past weekend. The realtime leaderboard and results for that were enabled. If it’s such an issue, then why was it enabled for the Fondo? :thinking:

Yes, there appear to be some bugs related to events (e.g., wrong course, bad routing, stuck at start gate, etc.,) But, are the bugs related to the leaderboards?

The whole notion of a “general sense of frustration/confusion” due to the leaderboards and/or results is rather ridiculous.

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Hi Godmother, and all,
I agree, although you may want to join in the “event/crowded mess”
for the Jersey. I seem to collect them, but never wear them. LOL

The live rider placings were also good for hooking up with a fellow Zwifter
during the event to ride with. Much easier to give a rider placing than a

I don’t know for sure but I wonder if a large number of Zwifters have eased up on the Zwift Tour now, as if they are like me, they may feel like they are riding blind.

Its still good fun and a great way to keep fit, but I’d rather know where I was.

Please Zwift…

Ride On

yes, jersey … You know, I have a special relationship to those extra bonus jerseys - I don’t care at all.

I already have one jersey I really like (and thus not going to replace) - GeelongCC, which belongs (as I believe) to some cycling club located in Geelong town in Australia. I got it via promo code, which I accidentally found on the Internet. Note, I’ve never been in Australia, never visited Geelong, never been a member of any CC … so one may ask why I wear this jersey?

Let me explain: My most beloved dog (he died three years ago) was Australian Cattle Dog and his official name was GEELONG. I still miss him and I wear this jersey as my tribute to him.

Funny thing is, he really hated bike … he was really upset anytime he had to follow me and my MTB :slight_smile: Anytime I’m in Zwift and see my avatar wearing the jersey with his name on my back, I smile …


Dear, even though it is not a race yet it is nice to see the positions. And I also do my training sometimes hard and sometimes just quiet. But is more fun when you’re in the position. Can you do that again please

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Here’s an official response about this issue:

I’m closing this thread but the discussion can continue on the official one.