TdZ stage finish places

Hi. I’m new to Zwift so I apologize for not knowing this, but where can I find my finish position for each TdZ stage? I don’t see it on the event page for each stage. I assume since it is displayed while we ride, then the data is someplace.
Thx for your help.

It’ll be on Zwiftpower but this won’t be accurate as only those signed up will feature. Because the stages are not races there’s no formal result.

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Thx. I see the stages starting today at 21:00. Is that because previous days aren’t available to me since I just signed up?

Never mind. Found the results filter. However, the list seems to go only to position 148. Next link not active. Thoughts?

ZwiftPower shows 200 places per page. If it only goes to 148 then that’s how many people there were and the next page button will show :no_entry_sign: if you hover over it.

I was there but I don’t see my name. My Zwift power profile doesn’t appear to be importing events from zwift. thoughts? I see my name in tomorrow’s event. But not from before signing up on this site.

ZwiftPower will not import past events. It will only include events from when you signed up.

Hi Cindy,

Event results aren’t turned on within the Tour de Zwift so - while your positions are shown on screen while in the ride, the full results aren’t available after the race.

ZwiftPower only shows the positions of those people who’ve signed up for ZwiftPower. In the TdZ this is a fraction of total Zwifters.

What I’ve been doing in the TdZ is taking a screenshot (by pressing F10 on my keyboard or through the Zwift Companion app) just before I cross the finish line. This shows me I was 899th out of 950 - (or whatever) so I at least have some kind of record to show I got the “top 900 result” I was aiming for.

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Thanks @Paul_Rayner. Good idea but the computer hubby and I use is dedicated to Zwift. I will have to see about getting the screenshot off the machine. :wink: @Stuart.Middlecoate explained the issue about the results not being accurate for this type of event. At this point, I wanted to see if my data would go over to zwiftpower. If I race, I might stick with zwiftpower, but won’t if I don’t. Thanks all for your help in understanding how zwiftpower works. Much appreciated. Ride On!