Finishing position in TOW

Hi, at the start of the rides (ie: stage 4 there were 346 riders )
Zwift activity pages you it should post finishing position in the summary area

Going over to zwiftpower it shows i finished 76th out of 93 … is that because only zwiftpower registered riders are able to be shown ?

a general point vis data/stats sharing across zwift leaves a lot to be desired, FTP is a good example, where the dickens is that kept … why do i need to go to a workout page to see , why is it not part of my profile etc etc etc

finally - i’m not looking forwards to the pain of stage 5 ! but i’ll be there ready to try

Its not a race so finishing position is not shown in the Zwift activity list. Correct, Zwiftpower only shows those that have opted in to ZP.

Your FTP is in your profile accessed through Settings within the Zwift App so you dont have to load the training menu. Yep, it should also be in the Companion App/Zwift website profile too. And your point is valid re data across the platforms.


thanks Dean for your replies, appreciated.
Understood that its not a race, still, using the London Marathon for comparison, all participants are given stats at the individual and overall level) it would be nice to see that out of XXX participants that person Y completed/didn’t-complete (riders can choose to opt [out - the default]/in to show their name/times etc otherwise a john/jane-doe entry ) and add an overall better sense of accomplishment.
i won’t lose sleep on this but something organisers may want to consider in future as a community service.

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