Issues with Ascenders Event this am (Feb 13)

First off, I really enjoy these group rides. This am, I’m going along and getting the “Return to Group” message even though I’m way back from the wall. Another time it happened, I was definitely behind a lot of riders and still showed in position 1. Anyone having issues with AppleTV and getting similar messages? App is up to date. I checked for updates before I started. Here are some screen shots.

Did you join the event late?

Nope. I did leave early, as I was sick of slowing down.

Hey Mark,
Since the last update I’ve been a few group rides and the leaders have been saying that the fence problems have got worse, on one ride he took the fence down, half the group were getting the count.
I imagine the powers that be will be on it.

Thank you Daryl. So, it’s a bug and probably not my setup.

Its a client side distance reporting bug, you can see the effect (as you noticed) by looking at your position number in the group. zwift know about it but no fix at present as its hard to reproduce in the lab.