Vatterunden ride just now fence booting people behind fence ad leader


As per title , on multiple occasions I got the timer even though i was behind the fence by a long way and even behind the leader on occasion. On the 3rd time i got the counter, i got booted off and couldn’t rejoin as i got stuck at “Searching for Riders” part and gave up after about 5 minutes.

I then did UK 100km Sportive with no apparent connectivity type issues.

A friend of mine was also affected by this and a lot of other people on the ride were complaining about it too.

Item Text
Ride Name VatternRundan Group Ride
Ride Start 8:30am (GMT)
Incident Start 8:40am (GMT)
Compute Device Apple TV 4k
AppleOS Version 13.0
Zwift Version Latest
Network Connection TPLink Mains Ethernet
Location St. Albans, UK
Bandwidth Tested with (to Luton POP) @ around 20mbps pre ride
ISP Virgin Media UK/Fibre
Other Info Bizarely my headwear changed from Newsy cap to a black helmet for the ride !

180w pic is @ 8:42am GMT

8:44am for below

I can only say that the same issues happened this morning on the PACK Social with the Sisters…
On multiple occasions, I got the timer even behind the leader as shown in pictures attached.
From the live feedback, it seems many riders got boot out during the last stretch to the radio tower…

Hi @Laurent_Pieraut

Welcome to the Forum.

So I don’t know why you got the count down but what I notice is your HR is loosing connection often. Check your battery and move your Bluetooth or ANT dongle closer.

Hello Gerrie,

My setup is laptop with TV for display, and iPhone companion app with Apple Watch.
Bluetooth connection are performed via the companion app. iPhone is on the bike so fairly close to the Apple Watch which is fully charged.
My HR has always been losing connection :frowning: (I recently changed to a new iPhone and hope it will improve but no difference).


Here is what I notice in these ‘photos’, though I really can’t explain why/how this would happen: I all cases the person who is getting the ‘return to group’ message, while visually behind the fence, actually has a greater ride distance than most of the other riders. So, somehow Zwift actually thinks you are AHEAD of most everyone. This has to be some sort of bug, but not sure what causes it. Zwift not updated to latest version? Internet connection issues? Something else??

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Late join?

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Nope, not in mine and my friends case


Am on latest version and I think too many people experienced issue with this ride and others for it to be issue with their Internet connectivity(at least locally in their house)

I’d hoped a load more people would pile on to this thread, so to see if some sort of pattern, hence my table above.

I will try and file a formal support request as these forums seem very sporadically monitored by Zwift themselves.


I have also noticed in the past few weeks a similar issue. When I get within about 5 to 10 metres of the fence then the timer countdown starts.

Previously I could ride up to but not past the fence and the timer would not start.

In addition, when the timer starts then need to move back far from the fence for it to stop.

Platform: iOS TV App

Version: Latest

This simply is a bug since the latest update… Can anyone from Zwift confirm + when will this be fixed!? It’s very annoying…


I raised a support ticket with Zwift as I dont think they monitor these forums much and dont update the Known issues pages much.


Subject: RE: Hi, Can u help with this issue

Hi ,

Thanks for confirming . I couldn’t find it below in known issues – so I’ve wasted both mine and your time with this support call - can you get someone to add it please ?



From: Zwift Support Team
Sent: 23 February 2020 06:59

Subject: Re: Hi, Can u help with this issue

Hi Andy!

Thanks for reaching back out to us!

This is a known issue that our team is actively working on. We don’t have an exact timeline for when the fix will be released at this time as we are still in the investigation phase, but when a fix has been made, it will be released in an update patch, so make sure you keep your client updated.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue improving Zwift. Please let us know if there’s anything else that you need assistance with; we’d all be more than happy to help!

Seth S.
Member Experience Agent