Fence - Im sick of it ruining group rides

Why do i get told to return to the group when i am behind a ride leader?

I am sick of seeing this warning when i am in the group.

Zwift support is non existent and it spoils the ride.

Why does this happen …the fence hasnt been fixed at all.

I’m with you @O_ne_Eyed_Jack, get rid of the fence and implement the drops multiplier game like the pace partner bots have for group ride leaders.

I also get tired of hearing the ride leaders beg the flyers to return to the group… newsflash… they aren’t coming back!


Mike …any ideas how to actually get some support on this?

Investing $450 Million in Zwift would be a good start



My thinking is that the fence is related to the ride leader, and if the leader has a low ping or a low refresh rate or slow CPU the fence does not know where to show.

So anything related to a ride leader will be unreliable if the leader’s position is not updated fast enough.

This is why the pace partners work so well because their position is real time

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I agree with you all. The fence is just annoying now and seems to be only partially functional. It might help with flyers as I don’t seem to see quite as many as before. I hate when ride leaders keep clamoring about flyers. Just forget about them. If the fence doesn’t boot or penalize folks then get rid of it.


What i dont get is this …Zwift knows I am behind the ride leader because it is displaying me there. So why give me the warning. Because Zwift is displaying me behind the ride leader I cannot accept the answer blaming it on the ride leaders PING. Seriously i have a decent pc, tv and broadband but this message is ruining group rides for me, the immersion is ruined. Zwift support just ignore me. What can i do?

Some groups go on and on and on about flyers… there the groups i bet have pressured Zwift on adding the fence back!

Gerrie …what can i do about this? I dont want to leave Zwift and try other platforms but it is royaly getting to me and also whats getting to me is I cant get any help from Zwift …

Don’t worry they’ll move it to the known issues section to give you hope and then just leave it there for years without any updates!

I am going to try other platforms i think. I do stay with the groups but it ruins the rides. They are virtually uncontactable and just FOB u off. There must be a lot of people having the same problems. Its hateful.

Hi @O_ne_Eyed_Jack

I would suggest checking your own log files to see if it is a problem on your side. Put your log file in zwiftalizer.com check your frame rate and network connections.

The problem with that is if it is a problem with their setup but that very same set up works on other platforms then what?

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then why ride in a group ride if you don’t stay in the group?

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Please read again what i posted. I DO ride in the group…thats why i join them BUT i still get RETURN TO GROUP message often even though I am in it and the last ride BEHIND the ride leader… THAT is what im saying…im WITH the group but still get the message!![

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Hi O_ne,
before you leave Zwift why not try riding the desert routes.
Tempus Fugit especially and Tick Tock are very popular routes where many Zwifters seem to go for a workout or an impromptu meet up. On these routes you will find Zwifters doing all different wattages, forming accidental groups. There you will also often find a couple of “Zwift Bots” Coco Cadence etc who generally have a large number of other riders around them.
No Rules, No Fence and generally No Problems.
Give it a try before you depart if you get the chance.
Hope to see you there. “Ride On”

Sorry, my bad

Hi Troy,

I’m going to try to ride with a few different groups and see what happens. I do like group rides as it is a set time and distance it just helps me commit to doing the ride…finishing what i signed up to, free riding well that is not as motivating to me. I’m pretty sure ZWIFT didn’t do much to the fence and caved in to reinstate the useless thing by pressure from some groups. Those groups …PACK for example go on and on and on about riding in a PACK (which i do and am happy to) but thats all they go on about…And im sure they set the fence way too tight NOT taking into account how buggy / random the fence can be. RGT is downloaded and i am going to see how that works as i have nothing to lose as it is free!

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Hi O_ne,
yes stick with what works for you.
For the record I agree with Mike, “get rid of the fence”

I found the group rides really stimulating without the fence as even though the ride splintered into differing groups you could find a pace that was good for you without getting told to “speed up” or “drop back”. Best group rides I ever did. Lots of Zwifters attending and everyone seemed quite happy and just concentrated on their group rather than worry about flyers etc.

PS Check out the Desert routes as a last resort. :slightly_smiling_face:


@Chris_Holton if the problem is not on the user side then I would suggest picking different groups with ride leaders with sable connections. But no point in doing that is the prob is at the user side.