The 'FENCE' and kicking off riders

Group rides -, I got no problem with the FENCE - of course it takes the fun out of sprints and descents particularly for heavy riders thus creating a negative ride experience, but kicking riders off … why? They’ve paid for the zwift experience as well, why be penalized like this?

If someone flies ahead good luck to them, it doesn’t effect the group, so what ends up happening is ‘small minded group leaders’ (usually the ones who lead from the rear) use the kick feature to punish fliers.

Yes I know, comply comply, comply.

Occasionally you want to stretch the legs, off the seat, etc etc. nope the stupid timer is running. The great leader is ready to kick you.

I noticed cyclingnation rides don’t use the feature (kick riders) as a courtesy they’re mature enough to not be too concerned.

With the limited offerings on zwift these days, at the least the kick feature shouldn’t exist, just creates angst. No fun Zwift. Looking at other platforms as this is some kind of revenge gamer feature that kills the experience; no comparison in real world cycling.

someone will correct me if i’m wrong but i think the organiser of the event can choose whether the fence kicks people or not when they set up the event. they can also turn it on and off mid ride, every ride leader has their own way of doing things.

if you don’t like a group ride for whatever reason, just look for one that suits you better. there’s been plenty of events i’ve done once or twice and didn’t enjoy, but some people prefer what i don’t and there’s room for all types of people in the world


no way of telling if zap feature is on until you join ride.

As a ride leader for a large group on Zwift I can say this statement is 100% false. Before the fence we received numerous comments from newer riders who complained about the pace being above the ride description. After talking with them it was found they took off with the fliers (those who have no interest in riding with the yellow beacon) and it was a bad experience for them. The fence serves a purpose.

If you join a group ride it clearly states the ride wattage parameters. If you have no intention of sticking with yellow don’t join the ride. Some also view it as disrespectful to the volunteer ride leader who takes time out of their day to lead other Zwifters on a fun ride.


flyers don’t really effect group - then there’s the fun taken out of sprints and descents, and of course the real issue leaders ‘zapping’ riders for some kind of ego trip which negatively impacts the game experience. Like I said the flyer is paying for zwift as well! I’m a vollie as well, still treat people with respect, kicking out of game is out of line; wouldn’t happen in the real world. Its 100% control freak stuff - a cowardly way to treat other riders.

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I have lead many rides and it is not a ego trip, most of us try to keep as much of the group together as possible.

The fence have saved a lot of group rides it has stopped the group breaking up due to little groups pushing off the front pulling other riders with them only to break up later and people quitting the ride.

If you want to stretch your legs drop to the back and sprint to the fence. Sprints are usually short so if you start behind the leader you will reach the sprint banner before the sprint timer is up.

Another option would be ask the leader is he will extend the fence distance so that you can sprint or to turn it off for the climb.

Treat the leader with the respect that they deserve they do there rides week in and week out with not pay or thanks.


If you use the ZwiftHacks events page, it will tell you. Of course it should be visible on Zwift properties as well.

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It could just as easily be said that fliers are on some sort of ego trip.

A group ride at a certain pace is just that. And there are even group rides that turn the fence off for sprints, maybe you should search for those. Fliers most definitely detract from group rides. If you don’t want to ride the group pace, just do your own ride and sprint whenever you want.


yep bit of a power thing kicking riders I guess, under-performers type action.

Yep, bit of a power thing trying to ‘outperform’ the group, I guess. Insecurity type action.


yeah maybe, not doing any harm, shouldn’t be kicked for that, a bully move.

Well, I think what folks are saying is there is harm. The harm is … others follow the fliers then the groups separate, perhaps even gaining critical mass ahead of the ride leader at a different pace, and then the ride no longer becomes a big group ride at the advertised pace, but a bunch of splinterred groups which is not what people joined the ride for.

Personally I’m surprised the kick is actually out of the ride (is that how it works?), and not just back to behind the fence however.

But, at the end of the day it’s up to the ride leader to determine if zapping is the correct approach to their ride given how it behaves. I have felt some ride leaders are a bit too heavy handed with the fence at times.

Oh, there are definitely some riders out there who get a kick out of “winning” a group ride :person_facepalming:


Oh good, we’re doing this again.


The RoboPacers don’t have an ego (yet) so maybe ride with them instead?

Flyers do harm a lot of group rides they push up the pace and drag along riders that don’t know better sometimes.

i agree if you sprint off the front and break cleanly it’s not really an issue. Personally i run my rides with the fence in no kick mode but get why others use it in particular for bigger rides with strung out peleton the impact of flyers seems to be worse.

Like irl if you were to sprint away from a group is a bit of a poor thing to do you would not be riding with them. As for sprints/koms etc maybe hold back a bit and attack them then catch up to the group after or help sweep if you fancy it.

Either way it all comes back to the same it’s a game lots of people like the fence that it kicks and some don’t so pick and choose your rides if that does not suit your style of riding.
Zwifthacks is probably your best resource to check if fence is on kick mode.


might be a nice new filter/tag to be added for “No Fence” and/or “No Zapping”

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No kick mode already exists on ZH (as on our events config).

Fenced also exists - although appreciate the no fence request.

ahh… so zapping = kicking. got it!

Quick stats currently if anyone cares:
About 1/3 of group rides are fenced. Of those it’s about 60/40 for Kick/NoKick

Overall only about 22% of all group rides have Zap/Kick, so it’s not hard to avoid these if so desired.

Genuinely surprised it’s that low.