Fence kicked without choosing kick option [Nov 2021]

I’ve been using fence when leading group ride for a while now and it didn’t remove anyone…until today. It removed 60 good riders out of my ride! I have also been on many rides and occasionally got in front of the fence, but never been removed from the ride. I thought one of the updates last year make fence just visual feedback. Does it go back to removing people again? Could someone give me some insights??? Thank you!

It look like Zap mode is on for a few events.



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How do I know if the zap mode is on or not on my event? I have been using club feature to edit events and I have the option to turn fence on/off, but I have no option to choose whether it zap people or not.

You don’t have the option to turn Zap on and off. It is handled by Zwift HQ.

Hi @Nattika_D

Is this the event in question?

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So I have to write them, correct?

Yes you will have to ask but I don’t think the fence is back.

I assume this was your event? Can you confirm.


Yes…That’s the event.

Shuji at HQ here. No need to write in.

The fence kick function is currently (supposed to be) on hold for retooling. That specific event was set up incorrectly (not by you - not your fault!) and unintentionally allowed the kick. We’re on it so other events don’t also have this issue. Thank you for flagging this up to us!


Thank you @shooj ! Would you recommend holding off using fence for now, or can I use it on our next event? I was horrified that I kicked 60 people out from my ride this morning… yikes.

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For the interim - yes, not using the fence in your event would avoid this.

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Thank you! I really appreciate the info. Would it be in the zwift update note when it’s ready to use again? Please let me know.

Fence kick is a function that’s handled on the server side. It’s not baked in to the game client, so we’ll probably not note that in the monthly game client release notes.

The return of Fence Kick mode is a big deal for our riders who love our events, so we’ll communicate it broadly when it’s ready.


I have noticed the fence is back in, however it does not appear to have the power to kick you from the ride any more , unless it is down to the discretion of the leader. I was in Japan with a group ride on Friday and within 5 mins almost 1/3 of the group had moved through the fence and there was no penalty


Scroll up and read the response

great looking fwd to the return

Yes I can confirm it kicks as well. Started about 2 weeks ago. I know I have been a beta tester so my assumption is that I am in some test group. I personally like the fence to kick. So I am not asking to turn it off. Just a heads up it was being activated. I kicked 52 the day it came back on. But every day after that they learned and dont ride off through the fence anymore. Simple solve I could turn it off. But I LOVE it!

Hi @_Scott_McVeigh_ZSun

I don’t think it should be zapping flyer. It may be a schedule glitch.

Oh it zapped 52. Many logged back in to tell me. They had the countdown and all. Now to be fair. I was part of the beta team testing the fence. So maybe my account is still tied to something they re testing. I am OK with it and prefer it. This week I warned everyone and only 2 got Zapped. They did not listen or believe me. They kept saying it does not kick. I said you have been warned ignore at your own risk. Then they were gone. They did not log back in I am sure they did not want to face my whole ride telling them they were warned. LOL

Fence is definitely not ready for the voltage to be turned back up to zapping levels.

I don’t spend a lot of time near the front (I’m a sweep for most of my group rides), but I still get the “return to group” warning on occasion without being up to or beyond the fence - sometimes even when I’m behind the yellow beacon. Sometimes, it’s because it still gets confused with intersections, but not always. Just the other day, I got the warning when I hit the bottom of the leg snapper in Innsbruck and the yellow beacon was already halfway up.