Fence kicked without choosing kick option [Nov 2021]

Scrolling up a bit you will see the intention is not to have the fence on. It will be big news when it is back.

@shooj if club owner EDITs an Event in the Web Interface.

  1. Select Fence OFF, then SAVE.

  2. Select Fence ON, then SAVE again … it sets the Fence with Zap Flyers tag.


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I think I’d better add that ‘zap flyers’ isn’t the actual tag in the underlying event data but one I show for the fenced events without a ‘no_kick_mode’ tag in the data.

So, the error seems to be that no_kick_mode isn’t set as it should have been.

Cheers Jesper - can confirm that i had reports of kicking, zapping, nasty fence tonight on my ride (rather than it’s cousin NO KICK). But that wasn’t consistent, some riders saw the fence, some the countdown, some were booted.

So it looks like the bug is that unless “NO KICK” is set with “FENCED” the behaviour is erratic. And for the time being when FENCED is turned ON, the NO KICK tag should also always be added.

Thanks again. Hope that helps A

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Interesting. I’ve passed that on to the devs working on this issue.