Booted from a group ride when I was well behind the fence

Something look Strange, I don’t see the ride leader?

Thanks for the report @Z_oomy_1_Lung_Lobe, sorry you were removed from the PACK ride in error.

I’m having the team take a look at your log files to see if there is any indication of what went wrong.

I see the beacon for the ride leader in the mini map, but the leader is behind this rider. It doesn’t change the fact that he is well behind the fence, though.

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I could not see the ride leader, so I was thinking that the leader may had a drop out.

I to have had the same issue, this seems to have started about three weeks ago, seems also as the ride progresses it gets worse, today I had to drop off the back of the group to stop the countdown clock also was behind the ride leader.

There were a few folks on the FB Zwift group, just yesterday, who were describing this same issue. IIRC I was using our iPad to run Zwift when this happened. Not sure if it might be related to the device/OS. I never ran into this when running Zwift on our PC.

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Do you know if the IPad is on the latest version of Zwift?

I am running Zwift on windows 10 and having the same problem.

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thanks for the info @Roman_Kuhn.

This seem like a hard one to solve, it seem very random, and those are the hardest to fix.

Lets hope Zwift find a pattern and can pinpoint the issue.

I believe so. We’re generally pretty good about staying on top of updates, in large part to avoid wonkiness with Zwift.

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It usually happens at the same locations during the rides and I think it is more often when we get closer to crossings. If additional information is needed I would gladly help.

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Thanks @Roman_Kuhn, which locations do you feel this is more common (so I can point the internal QA folks at those locations).

This bug is certainly very elusive and tricky for us to nail down (we’ve been making slow progress over time but it still seems like there are situations and combinations at play that continue to cause this to happen).

One location is after the desert going up that small hill.


Maybe other users can report some spots too.

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I ran into it in the desert, almost immediately after the sprint.

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I get warning messages consistently on group rides about being in front of the fence when I am nowhere near the front. I will be approximately in 40th-50th position (out of 200 riders), well behind the fence, and I have to stop pedaling and drop back to approximately 100th position to clear the warning…extremely annoying.

I am not a fan of the fence and especially when it works like this.


I had something like this today
I was apparently 1st out of 200+ riders according to the information on the right of the screen but actually on the screen and in the rider list below the ranking I clearly wasn’t, I was 50+ back, a lot of riders in front of me
I then started to be warned I was ahead of the fence when I clearly wasn’t
There is a mismatch between the rider position and the actual position and where the fence is
This was on the DIRT ride at 12 today, 1hr 13 mins into it
I got fed up with it after 1h25 as I had not idea where I actually was in the group

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to avoid getting booted once you go through th fence press A on the keyboard it stops you straight away however you will have to get back upto speed quickly as i found i was straight out the bunch if i failed to put the power down straight away

I’m getting booted too no matter where I’m at and no depending on the world, running zwift on windows 10. I do a lot late joining, so I’m starting the group ride at the last position. That was my explanation why zwift shows me at 1. position (on the sidebar), even when I see 30 riders before me at the screen. Maybe the fence does take this extra meters (from last starting position to the front) and calculates me in front of the fence, even when I’m behind the leader. Uphill it is the worst. Reinstalled zwift last week, should have taken all updates. Thanks for your work.

What happen if you don’t late join. I suspect late joining can cause a lot of problems.