Issues with the fence


i have been booted 4 times now from rides when i have been behind the yellow beacon on all occasions can anyone throw any light on the matter?

I’m experiencing the same effect, makes doing a group event not worth it

Same booted from two social rides to 1.30 behind.Great fun trying/to get back on. I need to get fitter

hahahaha yes you certainly bang the watts out trying to get back on

Happens all the time. I think it might be related to the positioning being wrong as well. In the pic, I’m sitting at the back, behind leader, fence counting down, but Zwift says I’m sitting in 5th in the pack. It seems to be ok until at some point in the ride the position gets “stuck” and then I start getting fence issues.

I’m running in Win10 on laptop with all the latest updates.

hi yes I was behind the leader as well used the TB A key to stop and alas no use was booted, will see how it goes on the next few rides