Fence issues again

Fence is completely @*#&. Today on Pack ride, fence continued to countdown even AFTER the beacon passed me.
But even worse—Riding 10 seconds behind the beacon. Began getting countdown anyway, finally booted from ride.
Many others complained and the leader should have turned it off rather than spoiling the ride for many. I suspect there were many more who don’t message.

The fence has truly ruined Zwift rides for me. I don’t want to fly. I just don’t want to be continually presented with bugs which disrupt the ride. I guess I just probably need to give up on group rides, but that’s pretty sad.

For a few months, the fence seemed to work reasonably well. Now, At least on Pack rides with many riders, it has been a disaster recently.

If you actually get it working correctly, let me know.
I can’t figure out how to report it as a bug

Sorry to hear that, I haven’t experienced that yet. I have different issues with fence. I see plenty of people several bike lengths past the fence, seems like they ride without any issues. If I am within 2-5 bike lengths behind the fence, I get the dreaded countdown. The distance when I get the warning varies, possibly pack speed related. I wish the warning/countdown appeared when I actually crossed the fence.

I agree that the fence is not working correctly at present, but you don’t have to give up on group rides – just don’t surf the fence since you know it is kicking folks even if they are behind it. Stay with the leader, ride at the front of the leader’s peloton, ride off the back, or help the sweeps. Most group rides are meant to be just that – group rides. Stay with the leader’s group and you will be fine.

I’ve been on a few group rides where the ride leader has turned off the fence at a couple of key points during the ride to avoid the fence glitches that sometimes occur. (generally on tight switch backs or hills)

The ride leader always gave good notice that the fence would be turned back on again. It worked really well as far as I know.

Not surfing the fence! Riding BEHIND the beacon and began getting a countdown and bumped! The problems with the fence, at times is more than “just buggy”.

Hi Robert,
yeah sorry, I totally get your frustration.

There are clearly some bugs to work out with regard to the ‘bug zapper’. I love when it goes the wrong way at intersections and then flies past us at a 1000mph to catch up!

As a beginner on Zwift though I’m enjoying the group rides quite a bit and I think that the fence does a good job of maintaining the group ‘blob’ which is key for me trying to draft. So I hope they can fix the issues since dropping someone that is riding with the beacon is not acceptable.