Fence issues. Miles behind the damn thing but got ejected

Pretty fed up of being thrown out of a ride for being ahead of the fence when I was in fact well behind the stupid thing.
That either needs to be improved or taken off as it ruins the experience.

As you can see from the photo I am way back but still ended up ejected.

Any clues how to avoid this?



Could it be you need to follow the instructions on the screen?

read the post and try to understand it before offering useless remarks. it is a genuine problem.


It’s the distance bug.
In your screenhot you rode 33,4km.
I bet if you look on the right side, everyone around you has like 33,3 or 33,2 on the clock.

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I was late join so I reckon that adds to the equation the countdown started at 18 secs as well

Spot on Richard! Awesome job dude.

Hi John, I wouldn’t say you are way back if you can still see it. As a rule, if you can see the fence, you’re too close to it. The easiest way to avoid the countdown is to drop back behind the group leader beacon that normally works. If you think it’s a bug, drop the leader a message and see if they can reset it.

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From a leader point of view, riding so close to the fence slow the whole group down. If all the riders are at the fence then the leader is not in a pack and don’t get the draft advantage therefore while he maintains the same w/kg his speed drop because of the drag.

So by riding at the fence you try to increase the ride speed but you get the opposite effect.


I have tried a couple of times and it seems to me when you back off it is necessary to be behind the leader to be sure to be classed as rejoining the group. I did this and didn’t get thrown out but when I just dropped back a bit from the fence boom kicked off.

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