SZR Joyride Fence Test 16th May 6pm BST / 7pm CEST

Hi @JamesBailey,
fingers crossed we will get lots of positive feedback here🤞

Everything crossed!

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When can I have it on all my leads please @JamesBailey :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::grin:?

Appeared to work well.

  • Fence looks more spot on.
  • You need to ride through it and then the 60sec countdown starts.
  • When it hits zero… you are out :slight_smile:

Tested it 6 six times during the 30min re-join time :wink:

Really hope it will be implemented again. We leaders and sweepers really miss it.


Hi @JamesBailey I got a little odd countdown the first time I tried the kicking fence it started all over again from 60 when I reached 13 seconds.
Next time it worked perfect. I have a stream on this.

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Add your link please Per.

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I’m not a ride leader and from my perspective I don’t have issues with flyers unless there are so many that the main pack fragments. I personally think that ejecting flyers is a bit harsh. If crossing the fence disabled the draft effect instead, that would naturally keep maybe 90+% of the riders in a pack, because it is quite hard for most people to ride away from the group without a draft. However, I do think that ride leaders should be able to eject riders who cause a problem. I have been on a few rides where the level of abuse from some riders was ridiculous. I know we can all report these things but in one case the nature of the abusive comments was pretty bad and I think it creates a poor impression if the ride leader can’t do anything about it.

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Why? They cross the fence because they “want a faster ride” (that is usually the reason they give when asked).

So if they want a faster ride let them do it and not disturb the rest of the rides.


I’ve never been “disturbed” by a flyer.
Is the aim to punish flyers or keep the pack together?

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It is not punishment at all they can still keep riding at the faster pace. Most don’t mind getting zapped.

Many other especially new riders get disturbed when they get pulled along the front until they pop and then realizing they are way in front of the leader.

Also many rides have a sprint at the end and flyers get in the mix making it very hard for leaders to filter results.


Per Martin’s comment below, a lot of inexperienced riders will try to follow the flyers thinking they are part of the group and then get upset that they are going much harder than the advertised pace.


Exactly, if I want to ride harder there are so many options, with pace partners, races, training plans or just ride solo. Sometimes 1 or 2 flyers might just sprint off at the start and that doesn’t generally disturb the other riders. On hillier rides, what tends to happen is that a few will push at well over the designated pace, then a few more follow and you end up with groups all over the place. I did this ride yesterday and it worked well, if you want to ride harder than the designated pace, you get a minutes worth of warning that you are riding ahead of the fence. If you want to continue at that pace it’s fine, you won’t get punished, you just end up riding solo exactly the same as you would without the fence. It just makes it easier for those that want to ride at the designated pace and particularly the ride leaders and sweeps who deserve our respect.


Working great, tested it several times - rider land in the same place on map and he may not notice that he is no longer in the group. This is only an option for the leader. I hope it will be rolled out soon for every group rides.


This fence is just silly. What’s the difference for the leader between a flyer and a lost member?
There aren’t too many events and I really liked the SZR events, but the kicking fence is a big turn off for me. Please keep mentioning that in the description, so that I can avoid those events.

One reason is that when there are flyers, other riders try and chase the flyer, which basically turns the whole event into a chase. The point of a group ride is to ride as a group around the leader.


@Tante_Lotte please continue to join my rides.

Once other riders (fliers) are aware of the consequences hopefully they will not join, in the past I have only used the fence when necessary.


Sure! It’s always fun with you and chances are high that pace is enjoyable for me in a SZR event. Even if I wanted, I couldn’t fly in most of your events. ^^

Kicking fence is just bad when the event is announced as 2.5 - 3.2 and the leader does <2.0, which only leads to butt hurt.

I’m curious what the kicked out rider experience is? I didn’t watch the whole video, but at one point there were 30 removed flyers. Were those 30 removed fliers all riding together in their parallel universe?

I’m pretty certain (having never been removed from an event by the fence) that it will just take them out of the event and back into the public world.