Zwift Crash While Leading Ride

Hi there, I was leading a published group ride a little while ago. I updated Zwift this morning. With about 12 minutes to go Zwift completely crashed. Another rider was given the yellow chevron and continued leading in my place. Want to let the developers know this happened. Is this happening elsewhere too? We were on the RGV route.

What device are you on? iPad?

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I have a windows computer (modern, not outdated) hooked up to a TV. Strangely though, I couldn’t get any of my iPads or iPhones to connect to the companion app after that.

Ok, you’ll need to provide a lot more detail about your setup to stand any chance of your unfortunate experience being valuable to Zwift and/or to get any meaningful help.

OK, that’s understandable.

Let me add some clarity. I’ve been leading this group ride every week for 5.5 years. I’m aware that after every update new bugs surface in the code. With this post I’m asking if what I experienced might be one of those bugs, because this situation has never happened before.

I’m going to presume there is nothing wrong with my equipment at this time. Normally it works just fine. However, there was an update this morning….

So the situation was me leading a group ride (clubs/SeattleBabySteps/event/3808160). Everything was just fine. About 48 minutes into the ride Zwift crashed and I was dropped. Can one of the engineers possibly look at the logs for this ride and see if the crash was the result of the update or not? If it was, then that’s a bug to be repaired. I’m not asking for someone to troubleshoot my computer.

I hope this helps.

Contact Zwift support and tell them you want to submit your logs. There’s more detailed data saved locally than they have access to.

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