Crash in Group Rides

Hi Zwift

When i do group rides, then Zwift is crashing for me very often, and that´s frustrating.
Fx today, after 57 km in a 160 km group ride - and i could not join the ride again.
I have checked that the app on my ipad is fully updated, and i have never problems in races.
Do you have any idea what i can do, so i can complete these group rides ?

Thanks in advance


Hi Martin,

It’s good that you’re keeping the Zwift app up to date on your iPad, which is important. However, what about the iOS version in your device settings? Is that current? If not, we highly recommend that you update your iOS device to the most current version, which should be more stable and mitigate the app crashes.

If that doesn’t help, please submit a support ticket if you haven’t already done so, and one of our support agents will be happy to take a closer look at this matter. Thanks!