Group Ride Zwift Crashed

This morning I joined my usual inGAMBA 2hr group ride on Watopia Tempus Fugit.
Around minute 10-15 my Zwift iPad ver 1.0.49822 app crashed within my iPad Pro (iPadOS 13.4.1) 100% battery, it took me about a minute or less than 2 minutes to start all over and I got the message do you want to rejoin the ride to which I answer and click yes and it took me back to Watopia Tempus Fugit it took me a while to see the riders (avatars) on my group but the list of riders on the right column was showing the all the riders in Watopia and I think within those mixed the few ones of this group ride. Later into the ride all the riders (avatars) within Watopia showed up. My iPhone (iOS 13.4.1) with Companion app ver 3.13.1kept me in my group chat and ride apparently as first I can only see the riders in my group but then all of the riders within Watopia as well. When finish my ride END and SAVE it just save it as Watopia ride and not with the group ride, so for sure I did re-joined but also not re-joined the group ride (weird to say). Sorry for the long explanation (trying to). And all of this comes after this past 2 days updates with glitches, before March 30th Zwift iPadOS update I do not recall having some many problems (March 30th higher speeds/low power - May 1st crashed and re-join somewhere). So for sure this past 2 latest updates had/have some issues that need to be seen. (Off course I will open and support ticket all do not sure where that will take it…)

Sounds like the update and patch still has lots of problems. This kind of crash has been reported a few times, along with other problems that have gotten worse.

As for not getting back in to the group ride. I would assume your group ride doesn’t have “allow late join” turned on which means you weren’t allowed back in.

Unfortunately it does seems to keep crashing since this past two recent updates.

As far as this group ride they do have checked and is allow to rejoined the ride after start up. And it was within the first 10 minutes of a 2 hours long ride.